• Glass facade

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About Company

From the beginning we have dealt with combining aluminum with glass.
The companys priority is to earn the trust and recognition of a wide range of clients, ensuring reliability, quality and timeliness of our projects.

The scope of our activities includes the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum structures such as winter gardens, facades, doors ans windows.
Realization of projects are done on proven and reliable systems like: Aliplast, Reynaers, Aluprof, Ponzio and Yawal.

They allow the combination of the architectural challenges with quality and safety. Complement the comprehensive range of services are the glazing inside buildings: interior partitions, wall mounted tempered glass points, or any projects in stained glass.

Executed projects are characterized by excellent quality and reliability, and materials used in the embodiments have all the necessary certificates and technical approvals required in most European Union countries.

We use only the best manufacturers renowned glassin a wide assortment.
Our customers are served with a free comprehensive measurement, technical consultancy, design and calculation, service and transportation.

New projects are implemented according to the latest engineering knowledge and innovative technologies. We strive to meet the needs of most demanding customers through innovative approaches to technical issues, monitoring the quality of our products, services and raising the level of customer service.